Depression during and after pregnancy affects nearly 13% of women worldwide. It means that more than 1 women out of 10 will develop depression while pregnant or after the birth of her baby. Maternal depression is a serious illness and can negatively affect baby’s health and development. Postpartum depression may even pose risk of harm to the baby and suicide in mother.

Babies born to depressed mothers demonstrated developmental delays, behavioral issues, and were at a greater risk of mental illness later in life. Untreated depression during pregnancy have been linked to abnormal birth weight or premature labor. However depression in pregnancy can be treated or even prevented.

Recent article published in NY Times contained recommendation from the US Preventative Task Force to initiate therapy early in pregnancy to decrease the risk of developing depression. Life Guides in Kintsugi Mind Spa are trained in delivering both of the therapy modalities that have demonstrated efficacy in preventing maternal depression.

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